Dental Implants

Dr. Miguel Montoya has 10 years of experience in dental implants, his first dental implants installed are still functioning on satisfied patients.

Regularly dental implant treatments are not painful, discomfort is easily controlled with medication and follow-up pre and post opt care at home.

Implants are titanium made and bio-compatible with the human body, serve to substitute one or more lost teeth, and are embedded into bone.

With Dr. Montoya’s technique, in the majority of cases you can have a temporary tooth (smile and teeth for a day) at the same time we pull out your natural tooth, and if you don’t have a have a tooth the day you are set an implant, you could come out with a crown or temporary fixed bridge, the crown, temporary bridge or final one is set in 5 to 6 months.

It is advised to read or download additional information from the patients manual in the patients educational section in this very same site, more information will be given when an appointment is made for a consult.

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